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New York City This unique aerial look at Times Square captures what this great city is all about.See Lake Ontario, Toronto Islands, Rogers Centre, Royal Ontario Museum, and so much more with views as far away as 100 miles! Atlanta You're watching live views of the New Atlanta Stadium construction.The project is expected to last for 3 years with an opening slated for 2017. Los Angeles Picture yourself at the Dolby Theater on the "Star studded" "Hollywood Walk of Fame" with this live HD view of the home of the worldwide Oscar Award broadcasts as well as nearby attractions. Explore the Hall of Fame to see the best images from our worldwide network of live streaming video and megapixel cameras.You can even share your favorites via Facebook and Twitter. Southlake Earth Cam is transporting viewers to Southlake, TX with this live streaming webcam.For those who like to have a beer at lunch, their small-batch, locally brewed artisan ales and lagers are tough to beat.Those who skip the lunch drinks have plenty of elevated pub grub to choose from—the burger menu alone boasts patties of local yak, venison, and king salmon.The new stadium will be an iconic landmark for the City of Atlanta and will feature environmentally sustainable features throughout with flexible seating for up to 83,000. Work Zone Cam proudly teamed up with the National Building Museum in Washington, DC for the fourth consecutive year to document its Summer Block Party installation.

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Because CSPA dates its awards by the year in which they are given, they are known as the 2013 Gold Circle Awards for Newspapers. Tonya Loewen, “Electoral college/map,” , Santa Ana College, Santa Ana, CA. Op-Ed or News Analysis Page Design Portfolio of work No awards given in this category. Connor Kirschbaun, “Fandom by the numbers,” , Santa Ana College, Santa Ana, CA; CM. Single Subject News or Feature Package, Two Pages, Double-truck or Special Section Design Portfolio of work No awards given in this category. Sarah Rea, “The Face of a bully,” Scribe, Humber College, Toronto, Ontario, Canada;2.

Where sunflower seeds are regularly used as bird feed, toxins from the accumulated seed hulls eventually kill the grass below.

Harmless to animals or people, the toxins eventually biodegrade in the soil.

Once sunflowers get started, they can tolerate drought as befits plants whose ancestors grew happily in dry prairie regions.

They are so easy to grow that they often plant themselves, springing up unbidden beneath a bird feeder.

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