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Listen to as much harmony-rich music as possible - focus only on vocal harmony lines.

People who struggle to pitch harmonies generally do not have much of a musical ear.

My role in this production process is to write and arrange vocal harmony lines that work within vocalist's range and, importantly, compliment the arrangement and direction of the song.

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Interestingly, this research was funded by the Birch Tree Group using the royalties from the "Happy Birthday" song.

Consonance describes combinations of notes with frequencies that have a simple ratio, such as 2:3 for the notes C and G – a perfect fifth.

But dissonant combinations have a more complex ratio – 5:7 in the case of C and F#, for example – and sound much harsher and jarring to Western ears.

While attending a 1986 Edwin Gordon seminar on music learning in children, Ken met Lili Levinowitz, Ph.

D., then director of the Children's Music Development Program at Temple University and an experienced researcher.

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