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If you want to look at all the Walthams (for example) , just pull down the US Company A-N (American Waltham) and go to Waltham and then click on the search button.

If you are interested in Swiss gold just go to Swiss and check the gold box and hit search.

In many cases people have been left these old antique watches by their parents or grand parents.

The really good news is that Elgin has now ceased trading as a company.

The Waltham Watch Company complied immediately with the requirements of Ball's guidelines, later followed by Elgin Watch Company and most of the other American manufacturers, later on joined by some Swiss Watch Manufacturers.

The Ball Watch Company branded and distributed watches made by Hamilton, Waltham, Illinois, Elgin, E. Watches marked "BALL & Co." are much more difficult to find than those marked "BALL WATCH Co." Ball watches are today some of the most collectible of the American railroad pocket watches. Ball was overseeing over 125,000 miles of rail tracks in U. A., Mexico & Canada, having greatly contributed to the security of all railroad systems.

Cases have been changed over the years and at the beginning many people bought the movement and then had a case made to fit it.

The only time I ever look at a case is that once I have worked out the year the Elgin watch was made, then I try to see if the case it is in, has dates and age of a similar nature.

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When times are good then people will have more money to spend.

Hi guys I have found a Baylor watch with Swiss Made at the bottom of the dial. EDIT: It was a pry off back and it's 17 jewel adjusted Swiss and that's all I can find on the movement. stamped inside back cove Baylor was one of about 150 brand names used by Benrus Watch Co of Chaux de Fonds, which was founded in 1927 and continued until at least 1977 (according to Pritchard). Gruen also shared this brand name and several others, so I assume there was a corporate connection between the two companies which Pritchard doesn't make clear.

It's a screw back I can't get loose so I have no idea of jeweling. In both of those cases (Benrus and Gruen), Baylor was a model name for one specific design.

They are usually good quality watches, but do not command much collector interest due to their generic heritage. I found it hunting something else in the hiding places I have.

I had begged for my granddaddy's old watch when I was younger.

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