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You simply have to be open to the idea, and willing to see younger men as an additional option for partnership.

I’ve been dating younger men for twenty five years.

------------------------------------------------------------Heidenreich and Merury kicked things off with a shoulder block from Heidenreich, and then Mercury bailed to the outside.

Back in, and Mercury scored with a kick to the gut, but Heidenreich drove Mercury to the mat and then he bailed to the outside yet again.

He may be able to handle things in the dating/relationship process that you can’t.

An icebreaker encourages people to interact and make friends.

One of the biggest complaints I’ve been hearing from parents recently is, “My kid won’t talk with me? Parents want to open the channels of communication in the home, but they can’t seem to get more than one word answers out of their kids.

Some of you have read my tips on how to get your teenagers talking, rules like, “Don’t ask yes or no questions.” But what do we actually say?

First, we provide marriage counseling to help couples heal and build successful relationships.

Second, we provide marriage retreats to help couples experience dynamic transformation quickly.

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