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We mostly think that without us Yogya will be missing knowledgeable things like design, art, technology and food (but this is basically an international and not nice expat feeling right? We also try to convince ourselves and our visitors that this city is as trendy as Paris or London, but we still like to escape from here as often as we can.The best place we have found for a drink is an ugly and noisy boulevard where they propose a mono product concept, the Bintang concept (local beer)!Namun ada saja sejumlah netizen yang meremehkan kegiatan debat dan malah mempertanyakan gaya pakaian mereka dalam ajang dunia tersebut. ID - Najwa Shihab menanggapi isu dirinya yang akan menjadi Menteri Sosial menggantikan Khofifah Indar Parawansa.Saat menggelar jumpa pers tentang temu literasi di Hotel Aston, Kupang, Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT), Jumat (12/8), Najwa membantah isu tersebut.Thanks Identy Me for providing this information graphic.Yes, still Google community has to grow a lot to reach the balanced level of sex distribution ratio.

Then tell us about the amazing expats in Yogya.” I will tell you about my “bule” (expat) friends in Yogya…I should start by saying that the expat community in Yogya is so small that you will barely cross them in the city.Only in a few places like Via Via Café, Hani’s Bakery, Gadjah Wong resto, Zango resto, Monico Café, Asmara Café or in those nice and trendy malls where you will be finger pointed by the locals. Not really, but at least it makes us understand what it feels like to be a monkey in the zoo all day long.Total population on Google is 26 million, out of which 18 million are men and 7.7 million are women.Rest 20% of Google population have chosen their sex field as “Other”. Anyway, this stat gives us the sex ratio on Google as per 1,000 boys there are 430 girls only on Google .

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