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That f*cker better not sh*t me off or I'll be smacking that a*s monkey around.

My prince on a white horse/dream guy isn't like any of the characters in my games, but if I had to choose a favorite it would be Kai. He's mature and serious, yet is friendly and can take jokes. A day before yesterday I was watching a cardcaptors episode where Sakura goes to wonderland then yesterday I was looking up Alice in wonderland stuff now this XD Am I physic......... ; A; A: Like Chrono Days, they will be running shops in this game. Toko will not be Veon's partner in crime as shown in Emerald Moon.A team from the University of Oxford, Canadian Institute for Advanced Research and Google’s Deep Mind created an AI called “deep distrubted recurrent Q-networks” to tackle the “100 hats riddle”.The authors of the research paper say their findings could pave the way in solving other multi-agent communication problems.It is said that when people die, they become stars. This is *cough* I mean *cough* Number Days Sim Date. I promise you, there is very little to no math involved in this game So why does this dating simulation have a weird title? Instead of traveling to various sim date worlds, the duo traveled to various worlds in my comic books. This game took me about half a year to make, but I had tons of fun (and tons of stress) making it.A group of people from different parallel universes and planets go on a journey to travel outside the Solar System and bring back loved ones who have passed away. The main inspiration for the time traveling concept came from a game that I'm sure many of you are familiar with: After beating that game, I just couldn't get the whole "time traveling" concept out of my head.

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