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, provides wanna-be singing sensations an opportunity to pursue their dreams. The contestants' reward: talent recognition and stardom. Teens need the life lessons of success and failure to mature. Our teens need us to be their greatest fan through their best and worst auditions in life. When we open the door to appropriate levels of freedom, we give our teens a chance to make their own decisions, and to learn from them. What your thirteen-year-old does today will be different when she's eighteen.

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It’s more understandable in those passionate early days when you can’t keep your hands off each other, but in an established relationship overt displays of affection seem more about performance than genuine feeling.

(I Peter ) #2 - You Have To Continually Defend The Relationship—Especially To Those Who Love You.

They say love is blind…and I would say that is just about right in many instances I have seen.

Knowing this limitation eliminates verbal boxing matches. Unlike the singing talent show, we don't eliminate our sons or daughters. We remember their dreams, cheering their wins and comforting their losses.

Each week one or more contestants are sent home until the last two compete in the finale.

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